Activesync for windows 8.1

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: Activesync for windows 8.1

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Activesync for windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center replaces ActiveSync for Windows Vista. Windows Mobile Device Center offers device management and data synchronization between a Windows Mobile-based device and a computer. For Windows XP or earlier operating systems, you must use Microsoft ActiveSync. Again, hope this saddgetcita.tkegory: System Utilities. I have some devices with Windows CE 5, CE 6, Windows Mobile and Synchronizing with ActiveSycn on XP and Windows 7 I have no problems. Now I'm facing the new Windows 8 . Sync Windows settings and make all your devices use the same settings. It won’t sync your settings even if you use a local account and install OneDrive Desktop Sync software. In short, to have your settings, apps and other features synced, use a Microsoft .
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